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The group of companies that combines technical, commercial and regional expertise to collect, transport and deliver your breakbulk cargo from OEM to end-client. Your trusted partner in global logistics since 1974.

COLI Group specializes in breakbulk, project cargo, and heavy lift shipping, delivering complex logistics solutions across the globe. The Group consists of 18 owned offices and our people are closely connected to 1st tier, 2nd and 3rd tier carriers.

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The history of COLI dates back to 1974 when our founder, Mr. Lösing, laid the cornerstone of a Liner Agency. Year after year, we grew as COLI Schiffahrt & Transport, becoming an international player by opening offices worldwide. In 2024, we celebrate our 50th anniversary and look forward to the future with new management.

50+ Years of history

QHSE - The wellbeing of every person at the centre of all operations

The quality of our business is defined not only by acting according to the rules but by doing what is within our power. The safety of people is not something to think lightly of. Every person who works on our projects is precious to us. That is what drives us in our QHSE policy. That means we continuously work on the improvement of our processes to optimize efficiency and minimize unpredictable situations and work pressure. We stay alert to both the mental and physical health of our employees. We train our people in awareness and routines. And we contribute where we can to a more clean and sustainable world.

If you have questions about our QHSE approach feel free to contact us.

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Our Asia Break Bulk carrier services offer 25 to 30 annual sailings between Europe and the Far East. Established in 2006 in Singapore till today we have become a trusted partner for many customers as their regular semi-liner. With base ports in Kobe, Masan, Shanghai, Singapore and Antwerp we are enable to fulfill specific needs like guaranteed laydays in Port of Loading or Port of Discharge and tight transit times.



With CPC we offer monthly sailings between Europe and China, Korea and Japan via South East Asia. Our multi-purpose vessels have a DWT between 10,000 and 15,000 and a lifting capacity of up to 500 tons. In addition, we provide you with planning and controlling, technical support, super cargo attendance and port captain services. Inform our logistic experts for personalized consultancy on your specific logistical challenge.

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The synergy within a team determines the quality of its performance. Together, we are ready for our clients. We keep each other informed about the projects we are working on, ensure that we can support and complement each other in complex issues, and maintain close contact with local partners to stay informed about developments. This way, we ensure continuity for our clients and foster a close team spirit that contributes to daily job satisfaction.

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