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Maximize efficiency in your industrial logistics process with COLI Shipping & Transport and enjoy personal involvement throughout the whole door-to-door process.

In today’s multi-faceted industrial landscape, efficient logistics can make all the difference. For manufacturers or suppliers of high-tech machinery or components, the main focus lies on the continuity of your production process. COLI understands this and has integrated this need into its logistics solutions. With a personal touch and decades of experience, we ensure timely and in-budget delivery of your goods, prioritizing safety and environmental standards (HSE).

End-to-end cost-effective supply chain solutions

For your logistical challenges, we offer end-to-end supply chain solutions with comprehensive feasibility studies and optimal route planning, analysing factors such as transportation costs, lead times, and potential risks.
When it comes to complex and time-sensitive projects, we anticipate just-in-time requirements, ramp-up and peak phases to prevent disruptions. With clear communication, we keep you continuously informed.

Our team of chartering and freight management specialists ensures the right transportation methods and coordinates any storage solutions and customs clearance, incl. additional (heavy cargo) handling equipment and all necessary documentation for a smooth operation. Additionally, we provide integrated solutions, such as supplier management and 4PL services, along with commercial, technical, and legal support.

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