Freight Forwarding: smooth, efficient, worldwide

Freight forwarding management

Personally engaged, Door-2-Door, overseeing the entire logistics process at every link in the chain

At COLI, freight forwarding services extend across your entire supply chain, providing seamless, door-to-door solutions. Entrust us with your logistics so you can concentrate on what you do best-your core business. With personal commitment from our dedicated team and decades of expertise, we ensure your goods arrive intact and on schedule, from the first mile to the last.

Integrated freight forwarding solutions

Our comprehensive services span the entire logistics spectrum, including sea, air, and road transport.

As experts in outsized cargo, Full Container Load (FCL), and Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipments, we offer tailored options for every cargo size. These encompass Flat Rack and Open Top configurations for unusual cargo dimensions, as well as consolidation services to reduce cost.

Whether you need roll-on/roll-off (Ro/Ro) services, breakbulk shipping, oversized transport, or small volumes of unitised goods, our network is your link to reliable and efficient forwarding. Finally, inland transport and port handling are also part of our freight forwarding service

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COLI Group provides meticulously planned road transport solutions. With our cohesive and flexible approach, we ensure timely and reliable delivery of over-dimensional loads.
From pre-carriage to on-carriage, we manage the complexities of global and local regulations, ensuring your cargo’s journey is smooth and compliant.

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The right seaworthy packaging protects cargo against damages and ensures a safe arrival. Based on our experience we choose the most cost effective solution for your specific type of goods. Crates/cases offer full protection, while skid and shrink wrap are cost-effective for more robust objects. We provide comprehensive solutions, including pickup, packaging, and DAP delivery, ensuring your cargo arrives in undamaged condition.

Experience the speed and security of COLI Group’s air freight services, designed to deliver project cargo globally with precision, efficiency, and reliability. Do you need fast delivery or is transport by plane just one leg in the journey? Trust us to handle your tailored, time-sensitive shipments.

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Experience peace of mind

Global logistics can be daunting: finding reliable partners, coordinating with different parties, seamlessly aligning all steps, considering cultural differences, and understanding the logistical challenges of specific goods.
At COLI, we bring peace of mind through our proactive, engaged approach. We believe that smooth and efficient freight forwarding is only possible when there is personal engagement. This personal approach is at the core of our methodology and culture. It characterizes the way our team dedicates themselves to our customers daily.

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