An exceptional approach in project freight management

Project logistics

When requirements or routes seem complicated or impossible, we find a way to deliver your complex and heavy cargo on time, on budget.

The transportation of heavy goods, such as machinery and factory parts, requires a tailored approach. After all, no project is the same. Motivated by our personal involvement, we ensure a safe and reliable movement from departure point to destination. We ensure that complex engineering requirements are met, that all necessary equipment is ready on time along the route, and that all steps in the process seamlessly connect for smooth project execution.

Out-of-the-standard thinking in solutions

Project cargo and heavy lift transport begins with a thorough assessment of feasibility and risks. Here, our personal involvement and market knowledge come together. A good understanding of your interests helps us come up with creative solutions for sometimes seemingly impossible logistical challenges. For example, when available facilities at a port of loading or discharge are inadequate. Then, we arrange special equipment or measures necessary to meet all restrictions.

Naturally, we ensure that all project-specific permits and customs declarations are met, at any time and anywhere in the world. We deploy our representatives or collaborate with our involved partners for specific local expertise.

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Cost-effective project cargo operations

For cost-efficient execution of project cargo and heavy lift transport, minimizing handling is our starting point. We prefer to keep it as simple as possible. This way, we can reduce transit times and risks. Sometimes, this requires a bit more attention to engineering and planning. Because safety is something we never compromise on.

Throughout the project execution, we continuously monitor your goods. This constant visibility also applies to the pre-and-on-carriages to and from the port. Through clear communication and transparent coordination, you are always informed about the progress.

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Challenge us to the extraordinary

We gladly accept the challenge to efficiently transport your exceptional oversized bulky cargo to its destination. Feel free to contact our experienced project cargo specialists and discover our personal approach and methodology.

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