Flexible support and solid promises in Dry Bulk operations

Dry bulk

Understanding your needs in a dynamic trade market

International trade in bulk goods is a world that requires quick and flexible responses. Short lines of communication, direct responses to changing situations, and constantly focusing on costs and margins are essential. We understand this dynamic. Our team is continuously alert to market movements. Flexibility is our fundamental principle that you can rely on.

Critical mass and cost effective Dry Bulk Trade

The profitability of bulk trading often lies in tight margins. This necessitates thinking from a critical mass perspective to find the most cost-effective solution. By thinking alongside you in terms of volumes, we regularly manage to save on freight costs. For instance, through flexible planning and precise on-time performances.

A diverse range of bulk goods requires different solutions when it comes to ship classifications and port facilities. With our experience in grains, agricultural dry bulk, fertilizers, forest products, as well as scrap, steel, and cement, we understand the type of ship and classifications needed.
Making the right choices can only be done with thorough knowledge of available handling equipment, inland transport connections, and door-to-door management.

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Safely and sustainable dry bulk logistics

Safety is a constant focus in our operations. Therefore, we exclusively collaborate with service providers who adhere to safety standards on paper and in practice. If safety measures are not followed as prescribed, we intervene by reminding those involved of their responsibility. The continuity of your transportation must be ensured, without delays due to incidents or accidents. Close monitoring contribute to minimizing risks.

In dry bulk logistics, the importance of sustainability is also increasing. Smart and efficient planning may not be a very innovative form of sustainable logistics, but it is a highly effective way to save both fuel consumption and costs. Additionally, we are keen to collaborate with providers who are pushing the technical boundaries on eco-friendly transport. We closely monitor innovative developments and thus stay aligned with the sustainable leaders in the market.

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Industrial expertise for producers and traders

Are you seeking personalized and flexible support for the import and/or export of your dry bulk goods? Then we warmly invite you to get acquainted with our bulk team. They understand your interests and are adept at swiftly and efficiently aligning them with a logistical solution. Find your flexible partner in dry bulk logistics at COLI. We are eager to share our expertise. With our extensive track record, we know what your bulk cargo requires, whether it be grains, fertilizers, or scrap and steel. For every inquiry, we provide a tailored solution tailored to your specific situation.

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