Breakbulk logistics, one of a kind solutions


In the complex challenges of breakbulk logistics, we find our enthusiasm to go the extra mile.

Transporting loose cargo often presents unexpected challenges. Navigating oversized and overweighted goods within reasonable costs and, of course, on time from A to B fuels our energy. In that process, we provide you with clear and comprehensive communication, find creative solutions, and make our network and years of experience available to you.

Let’s save you time and money

Transporting out-of-gauge cargo can heavily impact your project’s margins. Therefore, our primary focus is on keeping the total transportation costs as low as possible. We achieve this by effectively managing time to save as much turnaround time as possible. Sometimes, this requires creative, unconventional solutions to overcome obstacles in the route. For example, when an object is too large or space is limited, when there are low water levels or missing port facilities, or even geopolitical unrest in certain regions.

Breakbulk logistics at Coli means not only thinking creatively but also communicating clearly. No breakbulk project is alike. That’s why constant communication is crucial. This way, you are always fully informed. During planning, throughout pre-carriage, around packaging and handling, right up to actual delivery.

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Benefit from our experience and knowledge

Over the past decades, we at Coli have gained extensive experience in single-piece transports. Precisely because no breakbulk project is the same, the art lies in quickly evaluating the most favourable transport options. Also, our longstanding contacts with ocean terminals, packaging and crating suppliers, road transport companies, and carriers. You can rely on that experience and expertise.

To truly provide the most cost-efficient solution, Coli operates fully independently and autonomously. This assures you of unbiased choices and maximum flexibility. Even when unexpected last-minute adjustments to the route or handling equipment need to be made. We adapt in the interest of the project.

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End-to-end personal involvement

Planning breakbulk transport can sometimes take several months. Our employees are personally involved in your project from start to finish. This personal approach is characteristic of our way of working. Experience it yourself. Feel free to contact us for an introduction.

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