November 11, 2023


Green Energy on a Green Ship

The MV E-Ship 1, powered by sustainable energy, set sail from Emden, Germany carrying six E-115 turbines below deck, which was topped off with 18 rotor blades from Leixoes, Portugal. Due to the detailed planning of all involved parties, the cargo was safely loaded so that the vessel could proceed timely with its voyage to Soma, Japan.

This entire arrangement was orchestrated through the collaborative efforts of COLI Japan (CPC) and COLI’s HQ in Hamburg, all in the service of Hitachi Power Solutions, Japan.

Note that the vessel, the E-Ship 1, is quite a special roll-on/lift-off (RoLo) cargo ship. It is owned by Enercon, the third-largest wind turbine manufacturer and is used for transporting Offshore Wind equipment. It features 4 in-house developed Flettner rotorsails (27*4m, 300RPM) that are mechanically connected to the ship’s propellers. The sails enhance the 130m long ship’s propulsion by means of the Magnus effect, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.