February 5, 2024


We are pleased to share the successful completion of a complex logistics project in collaboration with our Australian customer.

COLI Shanghai successfully executed the complex task of transporting approx. 200 tonnes of structural steel from the supplier’s factory in Dongguan to Hong Kong International Airport. The cargo, intended for a mining project in Mali, presented unique challenges that required meticulous planning and execution.

The original packing designed for sea transportation was not suitable for air freight.
COLI Shanghai destuffed and repacked over 2,000 pieces of steel structures onto pallets designed specifically for transportation by two air charters. Ensuring suitability for air transport was crucial for the success of the operation.

Due to limited space at the supplier’s factory and further complicated by adverse rainy weather in South China, the laden pallets were required to be temporarily stored in a warehouse pending delivery to airport. Protecting the pallets from rain was essential as added weight could impact the aircraft’s capacity.

COLI Shipping deployed a dedicated team who worked on-site at the supplier’s factory, for the duration of the project, ensuring commitment to German quality standards, were achieved and maintained throughout the operation. The team worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure the project was completed on time.

Special recognition was given to the Shanghai colleagues for their dedication and on-site efforts. COLI Shanghai expresses its gratitude to our Australian partner for contributing to the successful completion of the logistics operation.

Overall, COLI Shanghai demonstrated expertise in managing the intricacies of air freight logistics, overcoming challenges with adaptability, coordination, and commitment to quality standards.