February 19, 2024

Bullets from Poland/Gdansk to Tahiti/Papeete

COLI Shipping & Transport Brazil, part of COLI Group, has successfully concluded the execution of project Mana ITO. We were responsible for transporting a total cargo of no less than 26 freight tonnes from Gdansk, Poland, to Papeete, Tahiti!

The project presented significant challenges, involving the transportation of 3 bullet tanks, SPMT’s and various containers with specialized equipment required for the safe bullet transports.

Engineering & planning

Navigating through these challenges, our team drew upon 50 years of experience to strategically plan, execute and control every step in the process of such complex projects. The selection of the appropriate vessel was critical. In this case we chose the F900 type Heavy Lift Vessel ‘UHL Fortune’, given its (and its crew’s!) capacity to handle oversized cargoes and the detailed lifting plans as meticulously designed by COLI’s engineering team.

As our colleagues and competitors know, in the heavy lift and project cargo industries, you have to be prepared for the unexpected, no matter how well-prepared one executes a project. In  this case, despite careful planning, it proved essential to optimise the route for climate conditions and avoid congestion in one of the world’s most crucial canals. Indeed, midway through the voyage, a re-evaluation of the original sailing route became necessary. This was handled fast and smoothly by our Brazilian colleagues and to the satisfaction of all parties involved. 


Over the course of more than 50 days of transit time, the discharge process paralleled the challenges encountered during the loading process in Europe.

Special thanks to the engineers who made all necessary arrangements for a smooth loading/discharging operation!

A tandem operation involving two cranes was meticulously planned, requiring ample deck space for swinging the bullets between the cranes. Again, as for example the actual outreach of the cranes depended on the specific positions of the lifting points (and with all three bullets stowed on deck), solid engineering was key.

The entire project spanned more than 150 days with all parties impeccably synchronising their operations to safely and efficiently move this cargo across the globe. We extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this project, and especially to our client, who entrusted us with this challenging endeavour.

As always, COLI Shipping remains committed to delivering solutions beyond the ordinary.